The Festival is a 10 day celebration of bikes and the people who love to ride them: It's all about the bike...and more!

It is packed with events for both weekend warriors and hardened pros. Whether you're a cross country rider, downhiller, freerider, roadie or a bit of all four - this Festival has something for you.

Below is a random selection of events during the 10 day celebration, but just go the the full Festival programme page, or pick a day, and you're sure to find something which takes your fancy.

With over 25 events from films, to concerts, photography competition, social rides, ladies rides, kids rides, fun races and down-to-business races - it's all biking all the time, just the way we like it.

Queenstown has more than 110kms of established cross country trails, a gondola serviced bike park, world class road rides and more restaurants, bars, wineries and places to stay than you can think of.

All that's missing is you...


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SEO Tips for Your Personal Training Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an effective way to get more visitors to your website. It increases the chances of marketing your personal training services to a large audience thus generating more leads. It is a widely used technique for online marketing.

Use the keyword strategically

Identify top keywords that a potential client may use on search engines. Make sure that each page of your website has the main keywords used in its title. The content that is there on the website must also make good use of the keyword. However, make sure not to use the keyword too often as it can sound as a fake. It is a great way to generate more customers for your fitness business.

google marketing

Do image optimization

Most search engines like Google cannot read images. However, in order to help them read images, don’t give any random name to your images. Give it a specific name describing what exactly the image is and your location.

This will help search engines show your website in search results even though there is no content but just images for a particular query that is put in the search. Put more images that describe your business, images of your personal training workouts etc and it will help you in more ways than you can imagine.

Do guest blogging

Build relationships with other fitness bloggers. Do guest blogging on their blog. This is a great way to reach out to an audience who are otherwise not exposed to you. Post informative and interesting content on their blogs and redirect users to your blog and website for more information. This is a good way to increase traffic to your website. Also touch base with your clients by sending emails with special offers and promotions, always keep them engaged with your business.

Use YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel and posting workout videos online is a great way to market your business. In the description of your videos, use the keyword strategically. It helps in getting top ranking in online searches.

You could also create a few videos to introduce yourself and your business and also post some weight loss tips or recipes for making health foods. Make sure you upload good quality content on YouTube. Encourage viewers to share your content on their social media pages, which will give you better visibility and good marketing of your fitness company.

Use SEO tools

There are a number of SEO tools (some free ones) on the internet. In order to improve your website’s rankings in search results try using tools like Google AdWords, WordPress, Google Business, Site Explorer and Ubersuggest, Google Trends, Keyword Tool etc. Read up to find out how to use them in order to improve your rankings and start using them. Google marketing for personal trainers has been around for as long as I have been in business, make sure you find a specialist in the health and fitness niche.

 Get listed

Get your business listed in local directories such as Google Business, Yelp, Tripadvisor etc. It can help you get more hits for your website. Update complete contact information along with a link to your website. Include pictures of your business and request clienbts to post some reviews.

The Online Fitness Profits Blog helps you gather more clients for your business and generate more leads. You must use the various tools and determine which ones are the best for your business.

Tips to Maintain Your Weight Loss for Life

If you manage to lose weight during fitness training and reach a set goal, your next target should be to maintain such fat loss on a permanent basis. As most people who train will tell you, this is not easy to achieve.

While reading this article I got an idea for a new blog post called ‘A few tips to help you maintain weight loss permanently’, check it out…

Keep exercising and diet control

Experts in the weight loss business all agree that exercising is necessary to maintain the weight loss you achieve during training.

This has to be combined with good calorie control. During training when your body loses weight your metabolism drops so at the end of the training you should not abandon your diet or stop exercising. Your activity level should be the same as during your training with regular checkups with regard to body fat and weight.

weight loss

Benefit of self monitoring

Weight has a bad habit of creeping up on the body. So you need to self monitor on a regular basis. This may not prove easy once you have stopped official training, it requires a firm mindset. So if you feel you have started putting on weight, you must take early action to counteract it. Say you put on a pound or two that should not worry you too much. But if the figure jumps to 4 pounds and over it is time to take heed.

You then need to burn more calories by eating less and starting formal exercise. Some people feel just being a bit overweight is OK, but they would not like to be termed as obese. There are others who feel ‘what you are, you are – no need to go through any form of exercise torture to be happy’.

While such thinking could be their prerogative, they should realise that their body is a natural part of them, while any fat they acquire is like a disadvantageous foreign invasion. A high standard of strength includes endurance, fitness, flexibility, strength and muscularity.

Make a plan

Once you stop fitness training, to maintain your fat loss you should make a plan. If you have been on a strict diet, you should make a gradual change. By doing this you will get an energy balance and your weight will stabilise. Keep in mind that body fat and body weight are not the same. If you do gain a bit of weight it will probably be lean tissue, muscle glycogen and water. Once your weight is stabilised and your energy balanced you will officially be in lifestyle phase.


So to increase your chances of maintaining fat loss for life, you should observe the following methods:

Also keep your weighing scales handy. You need to keep a check on your weight at regular intervals and ensure those unwanted pounds do not creep up on you. It is a proven fact that people who monitor their weight progress have better chances of succeeding with regard to their fitness goals.

How do you know that your personal training program works for you?

Hiring a personal trainer is the most important investment you make for getting a healthy and fit body. You put in a significant amount of money, effort and time in achieving a slim and toned body. There are quite a few indicators to understand whether your personal training program is working for you or not.

Check the scale

The weighing scale will tell you how many pounds you have managed to lose. Make a note of your weight before your personal training program starts and keep checking your weight regularly. Of course, your personal trainer will be monitoring your progress regularly, but this is one way you can evaluate for yourself.

Losing inches

When your start an Algarve training program, it is possible that you may show little change in weight, but on close measurement you see that you have lost inches. The best way to check is by using a measuring tape. If your regular clothes start feeling too loose, it is a sign that your Algarve workout sessions are giving you the right results.

Losing inches is always followed by shedding of pounds, so you can be sure that your weighing scales will show up results soon. Always choose a fitness trainer that has been qualified at a reputable Algarve personal training courses institution.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer course in Europe, check out the map below for a European personal training certification near you.

Sweating profusely

Sweating profusely after your training session means you have burnt significant amounts of calories and lost weight in the process. It is a sign of an effective workout session.

Heart rate

A personal trainer can help you assess your fitness on a heart rate monitor and understand how many calories you have burnt during your workout sessions.

Feeling hungry

Feeling hungry after a training program is a sign that there has been a considerable amount of energy and calorie expenditure during your workout. When you feel hungry after an exercise session, it means that your body is telling you to refuel with energy.

Sleeping soundly

A quality workout helps you sleep well. You wake up less during the night and have a good and restful sleep. This shows that your personal training program is effective and is giving you the right results.

Feel energized

Feeling energized after a workout session is a sign of a good workout. It indicates that the training program that has been designed for you by your personal trainer is effective and is helping you stay fit.

Looking great

A good personal training program helps you knock off those pounds and get a great body. It also helps flush out toxins and release specific chemicals that can give you a glowing skin. Blood flow to your skin increases and this gives it a soft glow.

Falling ill less often

If you feel that since starting your workout program, you have been falling ill or getting that cough, cold, headache or fever less often, it is a sign that your training program has been effective at increasing your immunity.

As your personal training program progresses, you must keep a check on your body signs to know how well your body is responding to the workout sessions. Your personal trainer will guide you to know which workouts suit your body and help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.


The World Bar 16inch Pub World Championship

The World Bar 16inch Pub World Championship

This "wacky" event of the festival is not to be missed. Held in true League of Gentlemen style, the LoG teams up with the World Bar to host the 16inch World Championship

24 March from 6pm till late
More info


Hilton Queenstown: Join the Queenstown Pedallers for a social mountain bike ride for everyone, riders 14 years+ to the young at heart.

28 March 10:00am
More info


Lone Star, Queenstown: Over two days competitors in the DirtMasters will have tested their skills on the tough slopes of Ben Lomond, now is the time to celebrate.

27 March From 7pm
More info
Bike Polo half day tournament

Bike Polo half day tournament

Following the Australasian tournament in Timaru, the best players are coming to Queenstown for a special demonstration day. Come and watch this full on game of ice hockey on wheels!

23 March From 2pm
More info