Tips to Maintain Your Weight Loss for Life

If you manage to lose weight during fitness training and reach a set goal, your next target should be to maintain such fat loss on a permanent basis. As most people who train will tell you, this is not easy to achieve.

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Keep exercising and diet control

Experts in the weight loss business all agree that exercising is necessary to maintain the weight loss you achieve during training.

This has to be combined with good calorie control. During training when your body loses weight your metabolism drops so at the end of the training you should not abandon your diet or stop exercising. Your activity level should be the same as during your training with regular checkups with regard to body fat and weight.

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Benefit of self monitoring

Weight has a bad habit of creeping up on the body. So you need to self monitor on a regular basis. This may not prove easy once you have stopped official training, it requires a firm mindset. So if you feel you have started putting on weight, you must take early action to counteract it. Say you put on a pound or two that should not worry you too much. But if the figure jumps to 4 pounds and over it is time to take heed.

You then need to burn more calories by eating less and starting formal exercise. Some people feel just being a bit overweight is OK, but they would not like to be termed as obese. There are others who feel ‘what you are, you are – no need to go through any form of exercise torture to be happy’.

While such thinking could be their prerogative, they should realise that their body is a natural part of them, while any fat they acquire is like a disadvantageous foreign invasion. A high standard of strength includes endurance, fitness, flexibility, strength and muscularity.

Make a plan

Once you stop fitness training, to maintain your fat loss you should make a plan. If you have been on a strict diet, you should make a gradual change. By doing this you will get an energy balance and your weight will stabilise. Keep in mind that body fat and body weight are not the same. If you do gain a bit of weight it will probably be lean tissue, muscle glycogen and water. Once your weight is stabilised and your energy balanced you will officially be in lifestyle phase.


So to increase your chances of maintaining fat loss for life, you should observe the following methods:

Also keep your weighing scales handy. You need to keep a check on your weight at regular intervals and ensure those unwanted pounds do not creep up on you. It is a proven fact that people who monitor their weight progress have better chances of succeeding with regard to their fitness goals.