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25th - 28th JANUAURY 2024

McGazza Fest is a weekend in memory of the legend Kelly McGarry.

The idea is to live the weekend how he would live each day, action packed and high energy, in all his favourite riding spots. 

Train at Mcgazzafest


A mass start group ride down Hammies and Original in Queenstown Bike Park...McGazza used to try overtake as many riders as he could on the way down. Ending at the Atlas Bar.​

When: Friday 26th 6.00pm

Where: Skyline Queenstown - meet at the top terminal

Cost: FREE

Uplift: $10 Donation to KMF (Kelly McGarry Foundation) for non pass holders

Registration: Meet at the bottom of skyline 

Afterparty: ride straight from Skyline to food and beer at Atlas


Pedal up,  then we'll have someone to help take your chain off  before you drop in to race. 

Bring something to put your chain in for the way down... otherwise your oily chain will mess up your pants!

When: Saturday 27th 10.00am

Where: Mcnearly Gnarly - Wynyard Bike Park

Cost: FREE

Registration: Register now HERE


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Kelly spent a lot of time with the youth doing volunteer coaching days, so this is an extension of his work. We will have top riders coaching the kids on both Airbag and Mulch jumps.

When: Saturday 27th 2.00pm

Where: Mini Dream - Wynyard Bike Park

Cost: FREE

Registration: Meet at Mulch Area - Wynyard Bike Park



This is held on Dream in Wynyard Bike Park. Kelly was known for going big and these jumps are just that - they let the riders go big too. This is only suitable for highly experienced riders to compete, but is an awesome event for spectators of all ages. Definitely one not to be missed!

When: Saturday 27th 5.00pm

Where: Big Dream - top of Wynyard Bike Park

Cost: FREE

Registration: You'll need to register on the day.

QMTBC Club Members only - download the QMTBC app and get your membership

You will need your ID number to get in

Get Membership Here

Limit 120 spots

Compulsory waiver & safety briefing / wristband for participants

Bring your own food and drinks.

Afterparty: Lone Star from 8.30pm onwards

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This is a group ride to the Kelly McGarry table at the top of the Fernhill loop trail. This is specifically held as a remembrance ride to the spot where Kelly took his last breath. It’s a very special place, and if you're lucky, there are sometimes native Kea flying around.

When: Sunday 28th 11.00am

Where: Skyline Queenstown - meet at the top terminal

Cost: FREE.

Uplift $10 Donation to KMF for non skyline members

Registration: Meet at the bottom of Skyline Gondola 


This is going to roll straight on from the junior jam, so grab a drink and hang around. Suited to dirt jump bikes with smooth fast rolling tyres or BMX bikes, this is an open session for everyone. The park has been freshly revamped this year and will be an awesome event to watch or ride in! There will be food onsite so you don’t get hungry. 

When: Sunday 28th 3.00pm

Where: Gorge Road Jump Park - next to Industrial Place

Cost: FREE

Registration: just come ride open to everyone!

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