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One of the most exciting parts Festivals is seeing how others see it!!!

We want you to show us (and the rest of the world) what these festivals mean to you through your personal perception. The judges are looking for consistency of vision and a demonstration of a coherent flow throughout your submission. Show us everything from the riders, the bikes, the events and the adventures to the vibes, stoke, hype and of course, the legendary after parties. Present your images as a 2 minute slide show set to music and be in with a chance to win .....

Give us the best you’ve got. 

Rules for Entrants

Team members

Team Submissions: Photographers can enter their combined submission as a pair (max 2 photographers per team).

Riders: No restrictions on the number of riders you can have in your team.

Open Competition: The competition is open to everyone, anyone can enter.


Competition Requirements

Photography locations: You are free to photograph across any festival location during the festival dates (guideline only).

Safety and identification: All photographers must wear a media bib, collected from the QBF Team, for identification and safety.

Compliance with access restrictions: Check in with event managers on the day of each event to adhere to any restricted areas.

Usage and profit from photographs: Photos taken during the event cannot be sold for profit. If sold, proceeds must be donated to QMTBC.

Creative and ethical standards: Maintain creativity and ethical standards in photography, respecting participants' privacy and rights, and avoiding disruptive behavior.


Submission method: Please submit your entry through WeTransfer.

Creative techniques: Stop-motion and time-lapses may be included in your submission.

No video content: Video content is not allowed in the submissions.

Music licensing: Any music used must be under your license or royalty-free (stock).



  • Best picture

  • Best picture of an amateur rider

  • Best spectator image


Deadline for submission for consideration - 11am 25th January 2024. 


Overall Rules 

  • Winner’s will be decided during the showing.

  • Judges decision is final (except People’s Choice). 

  • All submissions will be displayed on the Queenstown Bike Festival website. 

  • Awards for top 3 entrants 


Judging Criteria

  • Overall Creativity of Submission

  • Consistency of Vision and Flow

  • Shot Difficulty Level

  • Festival Vibe

  • Originality




Competition shooting window - 19h - 25th January 2024

Showing and award ceremony - 25th January 2024 at 6.30pm 



Competition - Queenstown and surrounding areas

Showing and award ceremony - World Bar Queenstown



Competition entrants - free


Application for entrants 

Only 20 spaces available 


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